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Law Enforcement

Bitel’s entry into the U.S. market is based on price and quality competitiveness of new technologies in developing wireless devices. With the focus on the product gaining the # 1 market share later this year, some challenges are expected. Since last year, Bitel has teamed with domestic partners in the United States to supply the police with biometric fingerprint readers attached through a wireless PDA device. For more information on Law Enforcement products, Click Here.

Point of Sale Industry

Bitel's has over 20 years of experience and expertise in POS program development, quality, and customer support all over the world. Bitel's has several POS products to meet the individual needs of any business. For more information on Point of Sale products, Click Here.

Identification Devices

RFID tags are being widely used in the cattle and ranching industry for animal identification and history management. At a cost as low as 0.76USD each, the EID (Electronic Identification) tags, are the most cost effective management system in this industry. It ensures efficiency and less room for human error when reading ear tags because the data is computerized. Data such as the animal’s birth date, feeding information, medical history, lot number, and animal movement tracking can all be read by a POS terminal from a distance. The Flex7000 is already being used on Brazilian cattle ranches to manage their livestock.

Let us help you ensure the health and quality of your livestock. Track your cattle’s history and support it with dated information to guarantee your ranch’s quality or enhance risk management by minimizing the spread of diseases in animals while nursing them back to health. For more information on Identification Devices, Click Here.

Bitel does not shy away from challenging customer requirements. Our talented team of systems and software engineers has created solutions for:

  • Small and Mid-Sized Retailers of All Types
  • Large Retailers and Chain Store Applications
  • Remote Merchant Solutions for Retailers That do not Maintain a Storefront
  • Financial Institutions with a Need to Process Branch Based Transactions

Bitel is a global leader and innovator in POS Terminal technology. Extensive R&D facilities with over 17 systems engineers were certified by the Korean government in 1993. In the last 10 years, custom configured POS Terminals have been developed to cover the needs of a diverse market base that includes ISOs, financial institutions and a wide variety of retail merchant applications.

Bitel currently distributes credit/debit processing terminals in:

  • North America
  • Central America
  • Europe: Poland
  • Middle East
  • Asia: Korea, China, Malaysia, India, the Philippines and Singapore


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